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Calorie counts!

Calories In...Calories Out.

That's been the theme over the last 20-30 years.

Eat a piece of cake, go for a run. Cake was 500 calories so run for an hour??

That's the way women have been trying to win the balance for years.

Eat, overindulge, move, punish. Repeat the cycles.

Never happy. Never enough.

But how is a calorie counted??

It depends who is counting!

Compare this apple watch to the ipad to the treadmill and you have almost a 30% difference in calorie counts! Most apps, devices or trackers OVERestimate total calorie "burns" by around 20%.

What about the food you eat? Even if it's completely from a package or weighed and portioned, we tend to UNDERestimate our calorie intakes by about 20%!

If we OVERestimate our calorie burn and UNDERestimate our calorie consumption how can you really track in vs out accurately? And honestly, who wants to spend their life counting and tracking and stressing?

Want to lose weight? MOVE MORE, EAT LESS. Right??

If only it were that simple, we'd all weigh exactly what we did in high school. ;)

But a funny thing can happen. You can eat less, a whole lot less and still not lose weight? WHY? Because you've restricted your intake so much that your body needs to conserve it!

Calories IN vs OUT isn't the solution.

We can make it more complicated and talk about 800 other factors or we can keep it simple.

Let's choose SIMPLE.

Instead of Calories - let's change the word to ENERGY.

Energy in allows you to put Energy out!

Want to get a strong workout in? Fuel your body so you can expend that energy and get stronger!

Bonus, better quality foods provide better quality energy!

If you must track or count something, count your Nutrients!

Count your (natural) colors!

Count your days in a row you woke up feeling good!

Shift your mindset, shift your life.


Want help learning how to properly FUEL and MOVE your body so you can feel good inside and out?

Book your Find YOUR Fit Consult today!

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