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Carrie B.

Great workout! Different workouts each time you go so it doesn't get monotonous! Highly recommend COREFIT!!

Amanda S.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete or somewhere in the middle, Cory has the perfect personality and knowledge to push you just as far as you need to go and bring you to your full potential.  Always positive, always motivating, she is a top notch trainer.  Her classes are great.  You go at your own speed, within your limits, and everyone is so friendly and positive.  You leave there sweating and tired, but always with a smile and always wanting to come back! 

Tiffany D.

Cory is amazing! Her workouts incorporate the perfect mix of strength, core and cardio! I leave feeling strong and energized.  My joints feel better  and hope to see her schedule growing!


Kelly P.

Cory is the most inspiring trainer I've met. She's innovative and keeps every workout fresh, fun and challenging!

April V.

Cory is doing what she loves and it shows! She is professional, kind, focused and always has the best interest of her clients in mind. She meets you where you are and drives you forward in a supportive and nonthreatening way.  Whether you are considering a life change or just want to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, look no further. Cory is the best!

Jen B.

Love Cory's classes! I cannot say enough about her (she will be your biggest cheerleader) or her classes.  She keeps them interesting by constantly switching up the workouts.  Tell her what your goals are and I promise that she will help you reach them.

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