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Invest in YOU

Tis the season for spending lots of money...on things. Things that may get played with, things that may go in a closet. Things that may be regifted to others. Things that may or may not last. Things that may be appreciated, things that may not.

The new trend is to gift Experiences not Things. I like it. But let’s take it further.

How about gifting someone you love (maybe yourself) the ability to Experience All the Things for years to come?

A year ago someone purchased a COREFIT gift card for his wife for Christmas. At first thought, it seems awkward. But go deeper and it’s truly a phenomenal gift. A gift that shows value to another‘s life. A gift that will help to ensure that life is lived longer, healthier and happier. A gift that says you matter enough that I care about your physical, mental and social well being. A gift that says you deserve time to take care of you.

Think outside the traditional gifts this year. And while you are shopping for all those that you love, don’t forget to invest in YOU.

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