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Learning to fly...

2 weeks ago, I got to graduate my 2 newest JumpStart clients from Private training to group classes at COREFIT.

I adored coaching these ladies.

They were fun, worked hard and were unsure of their full potential. These are my favorites because I truly get to watch a transformation in strength and confidence. I made sure to be there for their first group class as a participant, so they'd have a familiar face. They ended up working side by side and a week later, were partners in a fun, yet challenging workout. #proudcoach

Flashback to 25 years ago when I had 2 different flight students pass their Private Pilot rating in the same week. They were fun, worked hard and were so excited to officially be licensed pilots.

I let them take me from Ohio University to Parkersburg, West Virginia and patiently sat in the back while they flew the whole way there. I treated them to lunch, and they flew us home. If you've ever ridden with a new teen driver, imagine that feeling times 100! So worth it to see how excited they were that I trusted them to sit back and watch. Pretty sure they became good friends then and are both still flying today. #proundinstructor

Life has so many parallels. When I saw my two latest COREFIT clients in class, my brain immediately went back to that flight in 2000. My memory isn't great, so it seems curious that all of a sudden, I remember that moment so vividly. Two completely different experiences with the same feeling.

Getting uncomfortable learning a new skill, whether flying a plane or joining a gym has the same feeling to it. Fear of failure. What if I can't do this?

That's where instructors, trainers and coaches come in.

One of my favorite mantras is that a good coach will take you where you didn't even know you could go.

Let's see where you can go.

Book your Free Find YOUR Fit Consult today!

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1 Comment

Kate D
Kate D
May 29

How old are you in the pic with the plane? You are more beautiful now!

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