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Yay for summer and travels!

You've worked hard all winter and feel good about where you are with your healthier habits.

But now you're a little stressed about what's going to happen once you leave the zip code.

Want to stay SUCCESSFUL and HAVE FUN?


  1. Maintain all those great healthy, supporting your goals habits,

  • MOVE - You don't have to hit up crazy long, sweaty workouts. But you do need to MOVE. Walk and explore wherever you are. Try an active adventure - kayaking, biking, hiking, beach vollyball, beach yoga. Make Memories MOVING and take pics to see those smiles!

  • NOURISH - Away from home, you eat out, a lot. That doesn't mean it has be to nachos and beer ;) Think QUALITY & QUANTITY! Try to increase the Quality of your FUEL (aka food). From the Earth, colorful, minimally processed. If the Quality isn't there, limit the Quantity. Keep it Simple. Going out for Pizza? Enjoy, but make sure you drink some water first and maybe order some greens to start. Increase the Quality and maybe eat one less slice of the pie (decrease the Quantity).

  • HYDRATE - Water all day every day. Drinking alcohol or fruity concoctions - those all add up to derailing your goals, so try and offset a few or superset (haha) with some water! You don't want to be hungover and miss out on the adventures.

  • SLEEP - different beds, different routines, different sounds all set you up for some uneasy sleep. Take control of what you can and try and get consistent sleep. When you're well rested you'll be able to enjoy more of what you traveled so far for!


  • Stick with the above and remind yourself the goal isn't to lose weight on vaca!

It's to not GAIN any weight or unhealthy habits to derail your goals!


Have fun on vacation! That's why you planned it! Focus on the fun memories you are making with those you chose to travel with! LIFE is about LIVING! You worked hard so you can do things!

So go do some epic things!

Move. Nourish. Enjoy.

Cory and the COREFIT Team

P.S. If you want to set up a time to talk through any of this, schedule your Find YOUR Fit Consult!

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1 Comment

I’m actually in the car right now heading to Hilton Head! Loved reading over these great tips to keep in mind while we’re on vacation. Thank you! I brought my yoga mat with me and I plan on doing lots of walking on the beach!!😊🌴☀️❤️

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