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Plant those Habits!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Habits are tricky.

Good ones are hard to make.

Bad ones are hard to break.

You work out a few times and clean up your diet and you want to see results.
But unfortunately, healthy habits don't show results immediately.
When you don't see those immediate results of your efforts, you quit.
This is why you have to
Plant those Habits (and wait for them to grow).

Just like the bulbs I planted last fall and forgot about. They took time to grow and now are thriving.

Plant your healthy habits and when you stick with them, first you will feel better and in time you will SEE the RESULTs.

Here's our Top 5 Habits to plant.
Pick 1 or a few and focus on them daily.
  1. Hydrate consistently.

  2. Nourish consistently with Quality foods.

  3. Fuel appropriately with the right Quantity for your activity level and age.

  4. Move your body every day in some way that you enjoy.

  5. Sleep consistently with a regular bedtime and wind down routine.

Keep it simple, keep it consistent and the results will happen. Guaranteed.

Keep it simple, keep it consistent and the results will last, year after year.

Need help planting your healthy habits?
Book your Find YOUR Fit Consult today.

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