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Hit the Sweet Spot!

While having coffee with a friend the other day we started discussing nutrition (I'm an exciting coffee date!) and all the different diets surrounding us. I know some that count macros, some intermittent fast, some go big or go home ;). Just as there are over 7 billion people in the world, there may be 7 billion different diets because we all eat a little different. And that's ok. How are you supposed to know what diet is for you though? And when I use the word diet, I don't mean restrictions. I simply mean the things you consume in a day.

Back to my KISS - Keep it Simple Solutions goal of 2021. As with most things in life your diet should focus on 2 basics - Quality & Quantity.

Quality - is there nourishment in what I consume? Can I find a way to improve what I'm eating, drinking, consuming overall? Is it mostly real food from the earth or made fresh? Does it taste good and provide enjoyment? Or is it convenience, from a box or drive through that leaves me wanting more shortly after?

Quantity - am I consuming enough to allow me to do what I want to do and feel good doing it? Or am I consuming so much that I feel sluggish, bloated, unmotivated, sick, fatigued, immobile... Am I restricting so much that I constantly crave or binge or feel hungry, irritable, unsatisfied?

It's possible to have great Quality and too much Quantity. Or horrible Quality and too little Quantity. There's a lot of places you can be on the spectrum but the trick is to find your sweet spot where you can maximize Quality and find the balance of Quantity that allows you to lead your best life. It's truly a range, some days Quality will be great, other days not so much! Some days your Quantity will be extreme, other days not enough. But overall the goal is consistency so your body can thrive.

Think of the healthiest people you know. They are consistent, not extreme. They don't fixate, they are flexible. They are mindful. They have found their sweet spot and they feel good.

Each meal provides opportunity. Find YOUR Sweet Spot.

You can find your sweet spot with almost anything in life: work, exercise, friendships...

What's the Quality & Quantity that will allow you to thrive?

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