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Short Story.

I do not love my legs. Never have. Possibly never will. And I’m ok with that.

Flashback: pre-teen age, growth spurt, more wide than tall 😉. I vividly remember volunteering at a youth summer camp and having to sit criss cross on the ground while wearing shorts. I was so self conscious about my thicker legs and how they must look to everyone around me. I almost always wore tights with my unfiorm skirt in school hoping it would hide those thick legs. Even today, I still choose leggings over shorts most days.

I do not love my legs.

But…I do love what they’ve been able to do.

I’ve walked, hiked and run miles and miles with those legs.

I’ve lifted, squatted, lunged, jumped, danced, skipped and carried kids with those legs.

I've seen some amazing places by way of those legs.

I plan to do all of that and more for as long as possible.

I may wear leggings more than shorts, but as soon as it gets hot, I will dare to wear those shorts.

We ALL have something we don’t love about our bodies. That’s ok.

But we can appreciate that although not “perfect”, we are pretty darn amazing.

If we stop pointing out what we don’t love about ourselves, maybe we’ll start to

focus on the amazing parts that we do, more!

Wear the shorts, wear the bathing suits, wear the things that are comfortable to you for the season! And most importantly, wear that smile with it.

Because a smile goes with everything.

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