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Top Gifts that are Truly about GIVING!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

It's that time of year where we hustle and bustle to find all the things for all the people in our lives that we love. We look for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and we want to get the most VALUE for our money. Those must-have toys and gadgets that may or may not be cool by Christmas.

Nothing says I love you more than a gift that will improve someone's life so they can continue to share experiences with you for as long as possible!

Here's a list of gifts that truly GIVE...Health and Happiness!

Great FIT Gifts for $25 & Under!

So many things that help promote health and wellness for under $25, it's hard to list just a few! These can be used as stocking stuffers or thrown in a bag as part of a Get FIT Gift theme!

  • Jump Rope - fun for all ages

  • Mini Bands - perfect to take while traveling

  • Gliders - great way to strengthen that core

  • Yoga Mat and blocks - use for yoga flows or simply to stretch morning, noon and night

  • A motivating health/mindset calendar

  • A journal to record goals, progress, meditations

  • A sleep kit - earplugs, eye mask, lavender pillow spray

Great FIT Gifts for $50 & Under!

You can get a little more personal with a larger budget so have some fun with this list!

  • Activewear - If you're a budget shopper, you can find a whole outfit at Marshalls. Not sure on style? A cozy hoodie goes great after any workout. A collection of fun socks is always appreciated. One of my favorite gifts were socks with motivating quotes. They make me smile every time I wear them.

  • Cookbooks and healthy ingredients - find a colorful healthy cookbook, pick a fun recipe out of it and include all the non-perishable ingredients with your gift. Even better...make a recipe from the book to include with your gift :).

  • Ear buds - wireless, sweat-proof brands can hold up to whatever movement you can give them.

  • Streaming workout service subscription- Les Mills, Peloton, BeachBody...lots of options at different price points. Give a gift of a month or two and combo with some toys from the under $25 list.

Great FIT Gifts for $100 & Under!

For under $100, you can give a gift that truly keeps on giving!

  • Nutribullet - this could be my favorite kitchen gadget ever! Blend up smoothies, protein shakes, grind your fresh coffee beans, blend up your homemade dressings and versatile and compact enough to store in a cupboard.

  • Suspension trainer - TRX is my go-to because the quality is second to none. Several options and price points and lucky you - here's a 20% off code to use - TRX20COREFIT. It is my favorite training tool and you can take it anywhere. All you need is a sturdy door that you can secure it over. It truly is for all bodies - whether you are gifting your grandma or your teen.

  • Massage gift card - this may not speak 'Fit Gift" to you, but it can be as beneficial to the body and mind as you allow it. We stress ourselves every day and hardly take the time to tune into our bodies and how they feel. Massage allows that feeling to be recognized and embraced. Find a local massage therapist and support local with a gift card for your loved one.

Finally - a gift that's FREE....your time. Schedule a monthly meet up with your loved one to go for a walk, bike ride, a hike, anything that combines quality time and movement to further both your health and wellness goals. A cooking club is a fun way to get a group together and share healthy recipes. It's easier to progress on health and wellness goals when we share the journey with ones we love.

See what gifts you can give this season to Give Health and Happiness to your loved ones.

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Leigh Ann Burwell
Leigh Ann Burwell
Nov 20, 2021

I love this !

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