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What are you working for?

Do you work out or do you train?

What's the difference?

If I told you I was going to work out, you'd think that I'm going to get sweaty moving my body around in different formations and maybe lift a few objects. Now if I said I was training, you may ask "for what?"

There's usually a goal in mind with training. An end point. A grand finale, a finish line, maybe a PR (personal record).

Working out is simply moving your body for whatever you feel like doing. Some days it may be a walk or run or resistance training or a specific video you like. It feels good so you continue to do it when you have time.

Training requires organization, focus, accountability and most importantly the Goal. You develop or commit to a plan. You follow a progression, you track your results and you ultimately hit that goal. When I've trained for races in the past, I've researched running plans and posted them on the fridge, front and center so I saw it daily. I checked off the ones I accomplished and kept an eye on the goal that got closer and closer. I've run at least 10 distance races and still to this day will not say I'm a runner. But with each race I followed my plan as well as I could and I crossed the finish line with a smile. Goals Accomplished. Then I usually don't run for 6 months and decide to do it again ;).

Right now, I'd say I'm simply working out. I've been working out for years. I truly enjoy exercise and the feel good endorphins and I notice I get irritable and antsy if I don't move my body. It's easy to lose motivation to "work out" when you don't have a plan, accountability and an ultimate goal. I have a loose plan right now and accountability because of the schedule of workouts I lead throughout the week, but what I'm missing is the GOAL.

My Goal is Life.

I'm training to be able to do the things I enjoy doing. I'm training so that my body continues to be strong and prevent disease.

I'm training so that if I do get sick, I recover quickly. I'm training so that I can be active with my kids and grand kids someday.

What are you Training for?

Next time you're trying to find motivation to "work out," change your mind set to the fact that you are going to Train. Write your GOAL on the fridge and make your plan to hit it.

Need help making your plan to hit your goals? Call or email to set up a private (via phone, zoom or email) consult to get started. 740-251-8366 or

Move Well. Live Well.


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