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What Fuels You?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

When your car fuel gauge is inching towards empty, what do you do? You fuel it up. You don't question what fuel to use, you just go with what your car needs to run efficiently and keep on driving on your way.

When your body is inching towards empty, what do you do?

Do you grab the quickest thing? Do you go past the point of empty and try and run on fumes? Do you overdo it and wonder where all that extra fuel goes? Do you stress about the above choices until the next fueling?

Fueling your car takes zero thought. It's easy. The worst thing that will happen is you run out of gas and inconvenience someone to pick you up. And eventually, you'll trade that car in for a new one.

Fueling your body takes some thought. Maybe some planning so you don't get close to empty and you don't overflow that tank. And most importantly, you fuel it for what you want your body to do, how to feel and maybe even how to look.

If you viewed every time you ate as a body refueling, your mindset may shift to making it as easy as fueling your car.

Just remember, if your body breaks down, it's a lot tougher to get a new one.

Need help fueling that body to feel and look it's best?


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