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Updated: Nov 4, 2019


verbmod·​i·​fy | \ ˈmä-də-ˌfī  \modifiedmodifying

to make less extreme; to make basic or fundamental changes in often to give a new orientation to or to serve a new end

Have you ever had to modify a movement in a group workout? If you haven’t then maybe you aren’t listening…To your trainer, to your body, to your ego.

Keep reading and see why MODIFY = PROGRESS.

One of the biggest fears I hear about joining a group class is “what if I can’t keep up?” I’ve even been told by several that they have to get ‘in shape’ before they can attend. The thing I love most about COREFIT classes is that they are truly designed for ALL. How is that possible?? Because we MODIFY the movements to fit the individual. Everyone finds their level that challenges THEM. And then we continue to MODIFY that level each week which leads to PROGRESS.

Not ready for Box Jumps, try Step Ups. Running not your thing, hop on the Rower. Never lifted a Barbell, start with dumbbells or kettlebells. Burpees make you want to puke, try burpees to a box. There are multiple levels to every movement. The key is to find the level that challenges you.

Before too long, you’ll have progressed so much that you won’t think you need to modify anymore. Until you do. Maybe you’re tired, maybe its been a rough week, maybe you’re injured or rehabbing something, maybe you’re just not feeling it…

I was leading a class at the YMCA this week and halfway through a 10 minute circuit I decided one of the movements wasn’t working for me. So I changed it up. Mid workout. I explained what I was doing, offered options for everyone else and went on feeling better because I modified. It wasn’t easier, it was just different.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for a Modification in a workout. Your trainer wants you to be able to PROGRESS and should offer you a movement or level that challenges you. Or if you already know your modifiers, don’t be afraid to tell your trainer what you’re doing and why. Don’t worry about doing something different from the group. You Do You. Because you’ve got 1 body and you want it to be the best for you.

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