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Comfort? Foods

Comfort foods. The foods you go to when you're feeling sad, frustrated, lonely, stressed, bored...

The foods that remind you of your childhood or happier times.

The foods that make you feel like you're "treating" or "rewarding" yourself.

But are those foods truly making you FEEL COMFORTABLE?

  • Comfortable with your body?

  • Comfortable with your emotions?

  • Comfortable with your health?

The cheesy, salty, greasy, sugar filled "foods" may feel good in the moment of consumption.

But after? Not so much.

  • They are the foods that make your belly hurt.

  • They make your clothes feel tight with bloating.

  • They challenge your heart.

  • They fog your brain.

  • They zap your energy.

  • They increase your body fat.

  • They take you on an emotional roller coaster when you feel guilt or shame after.

So how do we truly find COMFORT?

Shifting habits takes focus but once you do, you'll FEEL so much better for it!

Next time you're feeling stressed or want to reach for those old standbys, try one of these:

  1. Make a healthier version of your fave! Simply search for a recipe and add "healthy" to the search and see what you can come up with.

  2. Move! Take a walk, go up and down your stairs, hit up a yoga video. Endorphins are natural mood boosters! Runner's high is a real thing and you can get it without having to run.

  3. Socialize! Call or message a friend or family member (an uplifting one ;)

  4. Journal! Honor your feelings and write them down! Sometimes just acknowledging how we feel and identifying why we feel what we feel is enough to get us out of a rut.

  5. Play! If we're trying to find a way to feel like a kid again - go play! Basketball, Ping Pong, Board games, Cards...have some fun with friends or family.

  6. Puppies! or cats or babies - whatever makes you smile! Find a real one to pet or cuddle or find some cute videos online.

There will always be stressful times in life.

Are you choosing ways to comfort that are contributing to your long term health and wellness goals? Or are you slowly moving those goals farther from your reach?

Need help identifying your goals and a plan to get them?

Book your FREE Find YOUR Fit Consult today with one of our

amazing coaches!

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