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REAL Success Story.

Real Women. Real Success!

The team of COREFIT coaches are REAL. Real Women who put in Real work. 

I went to update the website yesterday with this new pic. To clean things up I asked AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the site to "blur the background" This is the pic that resulted.

I have absolutely no clue what happened but it's clear to see, that's not our REAL team! 

This is unfortunately a prime example of what we 'see' in social media today. Most things posted aren't real. They are fake, imagined, edited, "perfected".... and unfortunately, that in return makes us feel less than. 

I've seen recently that mature women are being targeted with AI using pics of younger bodies but changing the hair to gray to make us believe we can "age gracefully" with whatever the product is being sold. AI is cool, entertaining and fun. But it isn't REAL. The A stands for ARTIFICIAL.

 At COREFIT we work with REAL women.

Real muscles.

Real bellies.

Real wrinkles.

Real smiles.

Real sweat.

Real accomplishment.

Real challenges.

Real loss.

Real pride. 

But we have REAL SUCCESS because we show up for ourselves to be our best selves

At COREFIT our AI stands for Authentic Intelligence.

We use Authentic Intelligence because we know if we can show up, we will be better for it.



You deserve to feel authentically good in your body!

Book a FREE Consult today with one of our REAL Coaches!

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