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Sweat, Smile, Repeat

January is such a great time of year with everyone motivated to get healthier. I love all the new faces at the new studio and the excitement they have for committing to their fit. But January is going to end and we'll roll into the cold dreary Ohio months and then finally the light of Spring. Pretty soon it will be summer and the excitement of that healthy 2020 may have faded. But it doesn't have to.

I can honestly say I feel better at 41 than I did at 18. The secret? Consistency. I wasn't my healthiest self in high school. If you want proof, look back to my instagram for some throwback photos where my face was as big as my hair! Did I drop 20 pounds in a month and cut out all sugar, carbs and fun? Nope. My journey towards health was slow and steady. I started exercising at the college rec center. It was a great stress reliever and time killer since there was a lot of free time back then. Since then exercise has been a constant in my life in some form or another. From running to workout videos with babies napping nearby to the YMCA and Crossfit and finally COREFIT. Fortunately I love it. But I've tried things I didn't love and found my way back to the things I did. Consistency.

A couple of weeks ago a lot of motivated faces came out to the Grand Opening of COREFIT. Some even signed up for 6 months of fitness after their demo workout! As part of the swag bag, I included this fun little workout chart to track your progress for the year. Any BODY can do it and its a great way to see how consistency in your workouts can really pay off. Don't give up on yourself in February or any month after. Be consistent and see how much better you can feel, how much more you can accomplish, how much stress you can relieve, and how much healthier you really can be.

Print a copy and post it on your fridge. Remind yourself of your goals. Challenge yourself each month and see how you progress. Share it with a friend or family member and challenge them to join you. Set a goal for your December numbers.

Guaranteed my numbers today would kick my numbers as a college freshman. My goal, to keep consistent so that holds true 10 years from now. Functional Fitness. For Life.

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