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Swimsuit Season!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Tis the Season!

The catalogs start coming and the instagram/facebook ads start flooding your feed with all the cute suits for the season! Excited you #treatyoself and invest in the perfect suit.

Then you try it on... I'm guessing that 99% of us are not confident in the big reveal. It's been a long winter and those appendages that haven't seen the sun may have grown a little. What's the solution? Get comfortable!

Think of it like a new haircut. At first you are surprised every time you look in the mirror. Put that swim suit on around the house. Get used to seeing more of your skin. Maybe even throw a little self tanner and makeup on, do up your hair. How's the suit look now? Are you smiling yet? If not, try smiling and see how that suit looks now. There it is - Confidence!

Now I will admit that not all swimsuits are suitable ;). Just because it says it flatters all, doesn't mean its true. Every BODY is different. One body may need a little more support up top to be functional, another may need a little padding so it's not see through. I have suits that I know I can wear and be active around kids and I have some that I'm scared to move in. Guess which ones don't get worn? The ones I'm not comfortable in. And don't get me started on the new "cheeky" trend. I don't need to be cheeky at 41 when they're not talking about my smile. But again, every BODY is different, so YOU Do YOU!

You've read a million posts about Moms just wearing the darn suit. I'm a full supporter of the sentiment. But I also think it's important to make sure you are Comfortable and Confident when you rock it. And let's support each other! See a friend looking a little uncomfortable? Compliment her! Make her smile! Then do the same for you and try complimenting yourself. Channel your inner Stuart Smalley and make yourself smile when you put on the suit. And let's be thankful that it's warm enough to wear it!!

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1 Comment

Tabitha Converse
Tabitha Converse
May 23, 2020

Love this so much! EVERY SINGLE WORD!!!

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